Not ranking where you want to in Leicester?

Correctly optimising your website to rank highly in Leicester can be difficult, especially if you haven’t tried it before. Location ranking has a different method to keyword targeting, meaning different techniques and requirements need to be met to ensure your site is ranked as high as possible.

How we can help

Ranking in Leicester

Blue Bear will help your business rank for Leicester as well as your target keywords. We use two different optimisation techniques that will ensure we maximise the ranking of your website.

Firstly, we will use Onsite SEO. This is where we optimise everything that is on your website, from text to images. This is to ensure your website attracts the potential customers that are going to view it but also to make Google see your site as relevant and ranking it higher.

We then work on the rest of the optimisation, which involves everything that is off site. We use multiple sources to spread the awareness of your business; this leads to Google seeing your business as a better source and ranking you above your competition.

Why SEO is crucial for ranking in Leicester

SEO Responsive Theme

When your website is optimised, it is designed to be more appealing to look at. This attractiveness catches the eye of visitors and makes them stay on your site for longer. How long a visitor stays on your site is crucial on how well you rank, if visitors click off your website quickly your “bounce rate” will increase which tells Google that the site is not relevant leading to a decrease in rankings. A low bounce rate tells Google that your website is relevant and should, in turn, be ranked higher on the search results.

Offsite optimisation is crucial to making your business more legit and trustworthy in the eyes of Google. If your business has social media platforms with a constant flow of shares and constant links to it from other credible sites, Google is given the image that your business is legitimate and not a possibly dodgy site. This increase in trust results in Google placing your site higher on search results.

Google has a constantly changing algorithm with new updates constantly evolving website requirements to rank high, for this reason, Blue Bear optimise your site and continue to change with the updates ensuring that your site is always seen as relevant in Leicester.

The optimisation process

Social Media Marketing

Blue Bear will go through every part of your website to find any and all areas lacking correct optimisation; we will then show you all these parts and correct them for you.

Our focus then turns to everything offsite. Optimising all of this can be a lengthy process and seeing results can take longer. When something is optimised, it can take hours, days or even weeks for Google to notice meaning that even if everything is optimised, it may take an extra four weeks for your business to see the improvement.



For quicker results in Leicester

Onsite optimisation only:

Although this can increase the ranking of your site faster than the whole SEO process, it won’t have as large of an effect as the entire process.

SEM in Leicester:

This is a quicker solution to gaining more customers than SEO although it can cost more depending on your keyword choice and numerous other factors.

Service Areas:

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